Healthy cowbody, high lactation, high quality
Provide efficient and ideal TMR technology

Our cutting TMR mixer "Mixtron" supports high-profit large-scale livestock dairy management with high-quality TMR technology and efficient feeding work.

In 1985, we developed the TMR feeding machine "Mixtron" to support the era of large-scale livestock dairy farming management.
With our unique cutting and mixing technology, uniform feed without compromising palatability is made at a surprising speed of only 15 minutes.
This TMR feeding maintains the health of cattle and improves daily milk volume by more than 20% in dairy cows.
In addition, by streamlining feeding work, we reduce the daily workload and contribute to high-profit management.
With more than 30 years of experience and improvements, we have added various models that match the japanese feeding form, and today it is active in more than 1,500 ranches nationwide as a top brand.