"MM Tower Yader and WoodBiomass Utilization Field Tour and Seminar"

On October 24 (Thu) and 25 (Fri), "MM Tower Yader Wood Biomass Utilization Local Tour and Seminar" was co-hosted by nasu Minami Forest Association, Kita Wood Cooperative Association, and Tosen Co., Ltd. in Nakagawa-cho, Tochigi Prefecture.

Unfortunately, despite the rainy weather on the 25th, 106 people participated in the application in two days, and thanks to them, we were able to finish the event safely and well-received.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of you.

We plan on-site visits and seminars on the utilization of woody biomass from time to time.
We will inform you of future seminars, details, etc. from the website as soon as it is decided.
If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Outline of the event

Tour of Tower Yada Logging Site

At the logging site of the Nasu Minami Forest Association

  • Inspection of all wood collecting materials by the three-wire tower yar "Wonder Falcon"
  • At the same site, inspection of the work of directly tipping all the trees by the truck-mounted chipper "Truckhacker MEGA"

Fuel chip manufacturing site and wood biomass power plant tour

Prefectural North Wood Cooperative Nakagawa Plant

  • Production of large-capacity fuel chips using the biomass processor "Axter"
  • Pre-treatment work for fuel use of burke by high-precision sorter "Multistar S3" (remove sediment from burke, medium size to fuel as it is, large size to crusher)
  • Production of fuel for power generation by electric stationary "Woodhacker MEGA561"

Seminar (Nanheitai Onsen Hotel)

  1. "On the Economics of Tower Jarder Coll
    ection" (Lecturer) Mr. Johannes Rocheck, MM-Forsttechnik
  2. "Introduction of Tower Yada" (Lecturer) Director,
    President of the Board of Directors, Fukasawa, etc. of Nasu Minami Forest Association
  3. "Energy Use in Sawmills" (
    Lecturer) Tosen Higashiizumi Kiyotoshi, CEO