July 8th: Seminar and on-site inspection of the fee processor BBP

In recent years, while the increase in free stalland and freeburn barns, the price of wood crushing materials such as powder has risen due to the spread of the use of woody biomass, and stable securing of the laying fee, purchase cost, and safety are major issues in ranch management.
One of the solutions is bauer-becking processor (Bauer Bedding Processor), which was developed by BAUER-FAN, a system that produces safe rugs from cow slurry at low cost, and has already operated more than 200 units worldwide.
This summer, we have received many inquiries from the launch of the new small BBP400 with the aim of spreading in Japan.

On July 8th, we held a seminar entitled "The Logic and Practice of The Production of
Rugs by BAUER Bedding Processor" at our seminar hall (in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture) and an inspection guide to the ranches in operation. We have received the
participation of more than 40 people concerned, mainly users of the slurry usage system, and it ended with a favorable reason.

In this seminar, two parts of "Theory" and "Actual Edition" are discussed in the
"Theory Edition", and in the "Theory Edition", the difference between "compost" and "return compost", the fermentation decomposition, the temperature of aerobic decomposition and the inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms, etc., are explained using academic data, and in "Actual Edition", We explained how the MECHANISM of BBP applies the theory and the case study.

In addition, the actual machine of the newly released BBP400 was exhibited on the premises, and visitors were able to see the high-performance separators and other interiors.

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