New Rainstar Self-propelled Model Announced

New self-propelled rainstar with a more easy-to-
use and sophisticated new design communication system

On June 12, 2019, a new presentation of the self-propelled watering machine, BAUER "Rainstar" SP model was held in The Town of Kunkofu, Hokkaido.
On the day, more than 100 people involved in Japan and two engineers from bauder, a manufactur
er, participated in a demonstration linked with the engine-mounted irrigation pump unit "Famos F4-80a-F" developed for domestic use in conjunction with the same machine. It ended in popularity.

SP model was developed by the request from Japan in 1995, in addition to the small movement in the field of the main body by the engine, positioning, hydraulic winding device, etc. that also meet the demand of high-speed running of the mounting booster pump to compensate for the water pressure shortage, We have made many improvements for convenience and application.
The new model, which was announced, has a new image by installing the watering mechanism part completed in the high area in the newly designed moving frame.
In particular, a control system that incorporates IoT technologies such as remote control with a smartphone is one of its features.

The model is scheduled to be released in 2020.

Features of the new Rainstar SP model

More control with modern systems

The control system is equipped with the latest "ECOSTAR6000".
Remote control and notification function including various interlocking devices, centralized management, etc. more advanced irrigation control is possible.

Significantly improved maintainability

The new, horizontally-opened cover makes it easier to access major maintenance parts such as high-performance water flow turbines and gearboxes.

Enhanced undercarriage and driving function

In order to make it easier to refuel, we have been making a number of considerations that are friendly to users
such as fuel tanks located at the bottom of the operating floor, added batteries to increase power supp
ly capacity, larger tool boxes, headlights to assist night movement, and new hose racks.

Turbine part

During main unit maintenance, the cover can be opened by sliding the whole cover to the side.

Engine part

The running engine is located next to the driver's seat. The cover can also be opened greatly.

Engine-mounted irrigation pump unit "Pamos F4-80a"

Famos F4-80a-FThe Pamos F4-80a forklift was loaded with the new Rainstar SP model.
The proven BAUER high-pressure volute pump "Pamos" series of high-pressure vehicles, a computer equipped with a power engine (made by Kubota) and communication functions, has been put together into a compact unit with excellent transportability.
In order to fully demonstrate the capabilities of high-performance rainstars with a maximum lift of 140 mm, we scrutinize and manufacture various factors such as different field conditions, required amount of water, pressure, and transportation method.
This unit can be combined with HK portable pipe and rainstar to configure a system that can perform immediate irrigation work.
The unit is equipped with a computer with communication function.Remote control is also possible from various communication terminals such as smartphones.
In addition, it features water absorption assistance function, quiet operation, simple maintenance, etc.