Notice of new release of bbP400 type rug processor

We have launched a new BBP400 small model of Bauer Bedding Processor (manufactured by BAUER-FAN) with the aim of expanding the use of the fee of the cow slurry.
The machine is unitized into a 20" container and produces a floor charge of up to 10 m3 per day from up to 400 cow slurries while saving space.
Automatic control is possible in the system of the same machine including external equipment such as mixers and pumps.
Through solid-liquid separation with a genuine separator and heat treatment of pathogenic microorganisms by aerobic decomposition heat, we have realized the use of sanitary and high-quality rugs of cow slurry at low cost.
It is also a feature to adapt from a small number by interval operation.

Benefits of BBP

  • Inactivated pathogenic microorganisms are produced in 8 to 24 hours.
  • Compared to general return compost, it is extremely low water (water content 58%), so it has excellent water absorption and cushioning properties.
  • By using the cow slurry, it is possible to reduce the purchase cost of the rug, and the human work of the laying fee manufacturing can be minimized for fullautomatic control.
  • The solid-liquid separation, heating treatment and control functions are unitized into compact containers, saving space and easy to install.
  • The compost building, which was necessary for the conventional return compost production, and the turning work, etc. are also unnecessary.

Features of BBP

  • BBP-only type "Prestar" equipped with a large geared motor.
    The fiber of 1mm or more is separated from the cow slurry, and the moisture content is adjusted to 62 to 64%, making aerobic degradation by microorganisms more likely to occur.
  • Then, adjust the temperature to 60 to 75 degrees Celsius and the moisture content to about 58% with a stainless steel decomposition adjustment drum.
  • Operation can be fully automatically controlled by the BBP system, including slurry mixers outside the unit, pump pumps, discharge conveyors, etc.
  • The operation is intuitive because it is a graphic-based touch screen.
  • It is also adapted to the change of the target head number by interval operation, and to use it in a small number of heads.
  • The inner surface of the container, foamable resin, the drum has been subjected to thermal jacket processing, it is also suitable for operation in cold climates.(Optional installation of heat insulation heater is also possible.)

BBP Series Specs

Type name BBP400 BBP1000 BBP2000
Number of targets (adult cattle) Up to 400 heads Up to 1000 heads Up to 2000 heads
Maximum floor production 10m3/day 24m3/day 48m3/day
Water content of the completed floor charge Up to 58%
Maximum required power 26kW 38kW 45kW
Drum capacity 7m3 25m3
Decomposition adjustment time 8- to 24 hours
Decomposition adjustment temperature 60 to 75 degrees C
Separator separati
on solid moisture content
62 – 64%
External dimensions 6,100 x 2,440 x 2,590 mm 12,200 x 2,440 x 5,180 mm
Container standard ISO 20"

ISO 20" (upper: solid-liquid separation )
ISO 40" (bottom: fermentation adjustment drum)

Unit weight About 7.2tons About 18t

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